John Cena Says He Doesn't Have Any 'Game'

John Cena Says He Doesn't Have Any 'Game'
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, John Cena appears to have a new woman in his life, but according to him, it's not because he has the greatest "game" in the world. During a conversation between the 42-year-old actor and Nischelle Turner, the actor explained his view on his own romantic skills - or lack thereof.

At the New York City press day for their new movie, Playing With Fire, Cena insisted he wasn't quite as suave as people might expect from him. On the other hand, he's not necessarily trying to be overly smooth either.

The actor explained that he believes people are defined by their actions, rather than their words, and how you treat others is a reflection of how you'll treat them in the future. "That's game," Key whispered to Mr. Cena, before going on to say that the women out there love that.

Just a few hours after the interview, Cena appeared on the red carpet with Shay Shariatazadeh. Regarding his philosophy for how to go about a relationship, the wrestler-turned-actor explained that he doesn't believe his outlook on romance was specific to one gender.

Reportedly, Playing With Fire , starring Cena and Key, features the two men playing firefighters who save people's lives, but then their very own lifestyles are turned upside down following their rescue of three siblings. The actor joked with ET that the number of times he had to show off his muscles in the movie wasn't in the contract.

As it was previously reported, before appearing alongside Shay Shariatazadeh, the actor was linked to Nikki Bella, a fellow wrestler. However, in April 2018, both Nikki and John announced they had to call off their wedding, which was planned for the following month.

It came just one year after John asked her to marry him at WrestleMania, and while some people were shocked, others were less surprised. Insiders previously stated it was because John didn't want to have children whereas Nikki did. It became a point of tension in their relationship and supposedly led to its eventual decline.

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