John Cena Ready To Find Love Again This Year But Still Doesn't Want Kids - Here's Why!

John Cena Ready To Find Love Again This Year But Still Doesn't Want Kids - Here's Why!
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It turns out that a year after he and Nicki Bella put an end to their relationship with the wedding right around the corner, John Cena is ready to find love once again. However, the one thing that allegedly led to their separation has not changed. Cena is still not planning on having kids anytime soon so his ‘soul mate’ needs to agree or the history might just repeat itself and no one wants that in this case.

Now, an insider report also explained why Cena is not ready to be a father.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘John has an amazing life. He has worked hard to get to the point he is at in his career, and now that he’s one year older, he sees more and more how life should involve love. He is finally getting to a place to get with someone on a deeper level. Some time has passed since the Nikki Bella breakup, and he wants to dedicate some of his time this year to find the love of his life.’

Apparently, he has learned quite a lot since the breakup.

‘He knows what he wants and doesn’t want in a relationship. He wants to find his soul mate, and he really thinks that it will happen this year.’

But not only does he know what he wants, he also knows what he doesn’t, and that is kids!

While freshly after the breakup from Nicki he seemed to change his mind just to not lose her, not that he’s generally over the failed romance, he is back to not wanting children.

He loves kids a lot and that is apparent from his work with the Make-A-Wish foundation.

However, ‘His Hollywood career is taking off and he still wants to make appearances for the WWE and do everything else he has been doing in the entertainment world like hosting and commercials and such.’

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