John Cena Doesn't Want Kids But Nikki Bella Does - Can She Change His Mind?

John Cena Doesn't Want Kids But Nikki Bella Does - Can She Change His Mind?
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Nikki Bella is hoping John Cena will change his mind about having kids!

The star opened up to People magazine about their engagement and John being a potentially great father.

The Total Bellas star explained that whenever she sees her fiancé involved with the children, she knows Cena would make the perfect father, considering the wrestling champion has a great big heart.

John is one of the main contributors to Make-a-Wish charity foundation, visiting more children than any other participant.

Will Nikki be able to convince him to have their own kids? Only time will tell.

The couple is not planning on starting a family and Nikki Bella is saying she has to come to terms with it, for now anyway!

The WWE champion explained to Bella that having children right now would be a bad idea considering his incredibly busy schedule.

Nikki said, "I actually respect that because that would be very hard to raise a kid on my own and the dad to always be gone and not see the kid."

Nikki, 33, said she has to be supportive of John no matter what but she would be lying if she said she didn't want to start a family soon. At the moment she is perfectly happy being just a bride.

She went on to explain that she sees him with all of his nieces, nephews, and her own cousin's so she knows he would be the best dad.

After five years of dating, Cena asked Bella to marry him live during Wrestlemania 33. The couple also star together on her E! reality series with Bella's sister.

John gushed over Nikki in a recent interview saying, "I found the absolute right person. A strong person that I consider an inspiration."

Let's hope Nikki Bella will be able to change the wrestling champ's mind!

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