John Cena Allegedly Wishes Nikki Bella Would Stop Talking About Him

John Cena Allegedly Wishes Nikki Bella Would Stop Talking About Him
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John Cena and Nikki Bella have both moved on since they ended their relationship last year. Although they still remain friends to this day, John Cena allegedly wishes his ex would keep his name out of her mouth.

Nikki has started a new podcast show with her sister where she gets very candid about everything from her current sex life to her past relationships.

One of the most talked about confessions on her podcast was when she commented on John's new relationship after photos of him holding hands with another woman went viral. It turns out that Nikki already knew about her ex-beau's new bae -- and she approves.

"I…you know when you get a text or you see a photo or you see your significant other flirt with someone or something, you know how you get those knots in your stomach that hurts? You either want to poop your pants immediately…or you just have the craziest tummy ache, right? So neither of that happened to me when I saw the photos. And I felt bad for John, with our breakup, I felt bad because I felt like I embarrassed him. I felt like I disappointed him. But because of how sad I made him and how much I felt like I hurt him, when I saw the big smile on his face with the paparazzi photos, I think that’s why I didn’t wanna s–t my pants, I felt happy for him."

As nice as it is to know that his ex wants the best for him, a source claims that the WWE wrestler is a private person and feels that Nikki's constant comments about their relationship are attracting more attention than he wants.

The insider explains: "John made Nikki sign an NDA so she wouldn't be able to discuss all of the details of her split on 'Total Bellas' or in public in general. Nikki has moved on with Artem but always finds the time to comment on John which he wishes she would stop doing. He's a very private man who even made her sign a contract to even live in his house so that tells you how serious of a person he is."

If this is true, Nikki should continue to wear her heart on her sleeves because being authentic with her fans is what made her such a household name. Do you think Nikki should stop speaking about John Cena?

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