Joey King Wears Dazzling Suit By Area With Harry Kotlar Jewels To Visual Effects Society Awards

Joey King Wears Dazzling Suit By Area With Harry Kotlar Jewels To Visual Effects Society Awards
Credit: Source: Jared Eng Studios/Instagram

Joey King wore Area to the Visual Effects Society Awards and was simply stunning. Jared Eng styled the 20-year-old star of Hulu's The Act  and made use of her god-given, striking beauty and unique and beautiful coloring. Joey King has naturally dark, brunette hair and blue-gray eyes. The color of her suit picked up the matching hues in her eyes and was a beautiful combination to behold. Joey shaved her head for her role as Gypsy Rose Blanchard but her hair is growing back in healthy, face-framing curly locks that gave her a touch of femininity and romance at the awards. Adam Campbell styled Joey's hair and many fans left social media comments about how beautiful her hair looked.

The crystal detailing on the edge of the Area suit's jacket and pants' was a striking embellishment and conversational piece. There's no question that Jared Eng pulled out all the stops for this look and the added detail was spectacular.

You may see several full-length photos of Joey King in the Area suit below.

With an eye for color, Jared Eng chose royal blue for both Joey's Christian Louboutin heels and a Carolina Santo Domingo bag. The purse is called the Bangle Bag and if you notice the handle is a circular, tortoise-resin bangle. The geometric design added an artistic element to Joey's ensemble and she effortlessly pulled the look off with a sophisticated style.

As the awards were for visual effects, it seemed only fitting that Joey's suit featured the visually pleasing crystal trim that reflected tiny beams of light and sparkled with Joey's every movement. Every twist and turn that Joey made came with a visual feast for the eyes!

You may see a video that Jared Eng shared showing the detailed edging as it moves in the player below.

Joey's Harry Kotlar earrings were the perfect choice to complement the crystals that sparkled on the edge of Joey's jacket. You may see another video of Joey turning her head around that shows off the brilliance of her diamond earrings in the player below.

What do you think of Joey King's complete look as she presented at the Visual Effects Society Awards?

Do you like the color combination Jared Eng used to accentuate Joey King's natural beauty and unique color combination?


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