Joey King Stuns In Kai Z Feng Photos — The Act Star's Hair Is Growing Back, Resembles Audrey Hepburn

Joey King Stuns In Kai Z Feng Photos — The Act Star's Hair Is Growing Back, Resembles Audrey Hepburn
Credit: Source: Joey King/Kai Z Feng/Instagram

The phenomenal photographer Kai Z. Feng continues to stun and this time his subject is Joey King, the star of Hulu's The Act. Joey shared some photos last week that Kai had captured and the pictures went viral. This time, she is shrouded in an electric-blue coat that brings out the striking hues of her dark blue eyes. On Joey's fingers are an arrangement of silver rings. The photo is simple yet stunning as she simply gazes at the camera while her hands gently rest against the coat that covers her head.

Joey captured the photo with "Ring of Water."

Jared Eng styled Joey for the photo that has more than 545,000 likes. Joey shared the picture with her nearly 10 million Instagram followers who praised the actress for her beauty and Kai Feng for his amazing work.

You may see the photo that Kai shot and that Joey shared below.

Though seeing Joey King with long hair isn't a surprise to her fans as she has been photographed for years with long hair. Before The Act , Joey starred in The Kissing Booth (that is getting a sequel), Summer'03 and The Conjuring, but people haven't seen Joey with a pixie. For many, the photo reminded them of Audrey Hepburn.

Joey captioned the photo with "Pixie Dust." Joey's hair is growing back after having it shaved for her role as Gypsy Rose Blanchard in the critically acclaimed series The Act.

Joey looks as if she's ready to star in a Breakfast at Tiffany's remake and fans are loving the look. Joey's face shape and her big blue eyes, make the pixie a perfect look on her. Her hair has plenty of natural waves and her pixie cut has a softly textured look.

It's unclear whether she wants to keep the pixie or is planning on growing it long again. You may see the gorgeous photo of Joey King resembling Audrey Hepburn below.

What do you think of Kai E. Feng's photo of Joey King? Do you like the midnight blue represented in the shot?

Do you think Joey looks like Audrey Hepburn in the black and white picture featuring her pixie style?

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