Joel Kinnaman's Photo With His Dog Goes Viral While Some Take Issue With Prong Collar

Joel Kinnaman's Photo With His Dog Goes Viral While Some Take Issue With Prong Collar
Credit: Source: Joel Kinnaman/Instagram

Joel Kinnaman shared a photo with his dog on his Instagram account and it went viral. With over 1 million followers, Kinnaman's fans responded favorably to the picture and some said they were jealous of his dog. A few fans took issues with the prong collar the dog was wearing, though and suggested he use other methods for training his dog.

Prong collars, like choke collars, are used to modify a dog's behavior by applying pressure when a leash is tugged. There are several styles of dog training methods that people use, ranging from positive reinforcement to using physical restraints to curtail behaviors. There is debate over which method is best and those who advocate positive reinforcement shun physical restraints such as prong collars. They state that anything that causes the dog pain shouldn't be used because your dog will obey you out of fear rather than love.

One follower left the following comment on Joel Kinnaman's post.

"Prong collar though? Disappointed. #sciencebased #dogtrainer #notopain."

Joel Kinnaman didn't respond to the comment.

You may see the photo of Joel and his dog below.

Joel Kinnaman is a long-time supporter of PETA and earlier this year sent a letter to Chrysler encouraging them to end their sponsorship of the Iditarod race. While a few took issue with his dog's collar, there is nothing to suggest that Joel Kinnaman would ever support cruelty to dogs in any way shape or form.

He has adopted a rescue dog named Leon and wrote a letter to the Swedish Minister of Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht requesting the ban of fur farming in Sweden, specifically mink.

Joel Kinnaman can currently be seen on Netflix in Altered Carbon and on Amazon in the series Hanna . He finished filming The Secrets we Keep with Noomi Rapace in New Orleans and has several more films in pre-production.

Next, Joel Kinnaman will be filming the Apple TV series For All Mankind followed by Horse Boy  that will also star Léa Seydoux.

What do you think of Joel Kinnaman's photo with his dog? Do you agree with those who took issue that he uses a prong collar for his pet?


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