Joel Kinnaman Covers Men's Journal

Joel Kinnaman Covers Men's Journal
Credit: Source: Michael Schwartz/Instagram

Joel Kinnaman covered Men's Journal and his fans are thrilled. Photographer Michael Schwartz captured multiple photos of the actor and even traveled to Louisiana to interview Joel while he was filming The Secrets We Keep . Born to a Swedish mother and American father, 39-year-old Joel is starring in one hit series after another. Though he first made his star shine in the Easy Money franchise, Joel is now known for his roles in The Killing, Hanna , and Altered Carbon . His movie roles in Suicide Squad and RoboCop secured his place at the top.

Currently, Joel Kinnaman has finished filming three movies: The Informer , The Secrets We Keep , and The Sound of Philadelphia. Next up for Joel will be filming The Suicide Squad part 2 and the television series For All Mankind.

Michael caught up with Joel in New Orleans and described it as a bit of a surreal encounter. He shared the following caption along with his photo.

You may see both below.

Joel Kinnaman in The Bayou.
I had decided to watch Hanna on Prime, although reluctant since the movie was amazing. I was sucked in and after two episodes I remember telling my lady that Joel Kinnaman was incredible. I loved the show. Not a week later I get a call asking me to head into the Bayou outside New Orleans to photograph him. It turns out he’s an amazing dude and it was one of my favorite shoots I’ve been on. Airboats, gators, captain dan, Cajun food, all kinds of good times.
@joelkinnaman @rogersandcowan

Joel shared the cover photo on his own Instagram page with his one million followers and the photo went viral. With more than 39,000 likes and over 400 comments, there was no disputing that Joel is on top of his game right now. In an interesting twist of fate, while Joel Kinnaman is covering Men's Journal, his ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn is covering Women's Health.

These two aren't getting back together though. Joel is in a relationship with Victoria's Secret model and fellow Swede Kelly Gale.

You may see Joel's Men's Journal cover below.

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