Joe Rogan Under Fire On Social Media For Hosting Alex Jones On His Spotify Podcast

Joe Rogan Under Fire On Social Media For Hosting Alex Jones On His Spotify Podcast
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Back in September, Spotify employees warned that if Joe Rogan 's podcast wasn't censored using the addition of fact-checking and trigger warnings, then they would walk out immediately . Business Insider claims Spotify staffers are further enraged due to a recent guest Joe had on his program.

Business Insider reported today that Joe Rogan - who owns one of the most successful podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience - had Alex Jones and Tim Dillon as a guest last night, sparking a backlash among some Spotify employees and certain social media users.

Alex Jones, the creator of InfoWars and Banned, was kicked off Spotify approximately two years ago over his comments on the Sandy Hook shooting, which Jones said was a hoax perpetrated by the government to try and justify taking away the rights for Americans to bear arms.

Reportedly, the moment Spotify went live with Joe Rogan's podcast they immediately came under fire for hosting Mr. Jones. One person on social media sarcastically congratulated Spotify for "paying 100 million dollars" to platform the person who perpetrated the harassment of "Sandy Hook parents."

As it was previously reported, victims of the Sandy Hook shooting have brought legal cases against Alex for promoting the idea, claiming they were subjected to harassment and intimidation from his followers for years.

Nathan Bernard, a self-described activist, tweeted that Rogan has continued to "platform these far-right sickos." This all comes after Spotify purchased the license to host Rogan's podcast for a reported $100 million, although, a close and personal friend of Joe, Brendan Schaub, said the figure was far higher.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Rogan has had Jones on the program a number of times before, however, Spotify hasn't listed those episodes. Last month, Vice came out to say Spotify executives were under fire from some of their employees after Rogan had on a writer who wrote a book on transgenderism.


Previously, Joe said on his podcast that Spotify executives hadn't spoken to him about the reported controversy even once. 

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