Joe Rogan Says 'Satanic Filters' On IG Are Ruining Girls' Self-Esteem

Joe Rogan Says 'Satanic Filters' On IG Are Ruining Girls' Self-Esteem
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an Instagram post from Joe Rogan today in which an image of his photo-shopped face courtesy of his daughter was put on display. Joe said on his account that photo editing is part of what "distorts young women's expectations of beauty."

Joe explained how his 10-year-old daughter took a picture of him and used photo editing software to make him look like a pretty girl. He jokingly commented on the state of society, saying it was a great example of how "f*cked we are."

The podcaster also slammed the "bizarre" filters for the effect they have on young women. Joe wrote that his daughter laughed hysterically after taking a picture of his face and pushing it through photo-editing software. Joe also referred to the filter as "satanic."

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Rogan went on to urge his fans and followers to protect themselves because such technology is going to rob people of their happiness. The podcaster also uploaded a post of his face pre-editing, in which he was puckering his lips.

These days, Joe has been in the headlines for his move to Texas after years of staying in California. Many in the comedy scene have been talking about moving out of the state for a number of reasons, including the traffic and the high taxes.

Joe's comments reflect an ongoing theme in popular culture which many other female celebrities have touched on, including Jameela Jamil .

The idea is that social media and other platforms are fostering an environment in which women are increasingly forced to abide by particular beauty standards, many of which are unobtainable for the average woman.

Jameela Jamil regularly puts other women on blast for perpetuating this culture, including Khloe Kardashian and the other members of the family . Moreover, she has criticized stars for promoting weight-loss products that typically aren't approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

As it was just noted, many other celebrities have commented on this phenomenon or have been subjected to criticism for similar reasons.

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