Joe Rogan Says He Had 'Such A Good Time' Meeting Post Malone

Joe Rogan Says He Had 'Such A Good Time' Meeting Post Malone
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Even though Joe Rogan isn't really a part of the hip-hop community, Rogan recently had Post Malone on his incredibly popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience . According to reports, Post Malone spoke with Joe on the show for approximately four hours regarding a number of topics, including guns, aliens, and more.

Apparently, Post Malone's appearence on The Joe Rogan Experience left the host impressed. Recently, Joe wrote on his account that he had such a "good time" speaking with Post Malone, the Hollywood's Bleeding star.

Joe Rogan went on to say that he finds himself laughing sometimes at the things they talked about on the show. Rogan added, "what a cool motherf*cker that dude is."

As most know, Post Malone hasn't always been a popular character on social media, however, anyone who meets him tends to do nothing but praise him, with Joe Rogan being no exception. Regarding his controversies, Postie has been accused of being a "culture vulture" among other transgressions.

Some people have even been so upset with Post Malone - for whatever reason - that they wished death on him. In case you missed it, Post Malone's private jet had to make an emergency landing back in the summertime of 2018.

Two of the aircraft's tires suddenly exploded, and Austin was lucky to make it out alive. Even though the vast majority of people on social media hoped he would be ok, the singer-songwriter did have some people on the internet wishing misfortune on his head.

In fact, social media users were straight-out wishing he would die. The then-23-year-old took to his Twitter following his safe landing to say that he couldn't believe some people were wishing death on him.

During his conversation with TMZ afterward, Post Malone said he was happy to be alive, and admitted that his fear of flying just got worse. As most know, the music world has suffered the loss of influential musicians in plane crashes before.


For instance, Aaliyah famously died when she was 21-years-old in 2001 after she and her crew were on their way back from the Bahamas to shoot a music video. Lynyrd Skynrd also lost a majority of its members in a plane crash.

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