Joe Rogan Reveals That Young Jamie Tested Positive For COVID-19

Joe Rogan Reveals That Young Jamie Tested Positive For COVID-19
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Fans of The Joe Rogan Experience and Kanye West will be disappointed to know that Joe's program was taken off the air for the unforeseeable future. Joe took to his Instagram account earlier this week to say there would be no future episodes for the next week and a half.

As for the reason, Young Jamie, the video editor, researcher, and producer of the podcast, came down with the coronavirus. Joe said on his account that Jamie originally thought his allergies were acting up or he had a minor cold, but as it turns out, he caught COVID-19.

This comes at a bad time for Mr. West, who just took to his Twitter account earlier in the week to say he wanted to appear on the podcast . Fans of both parties know his appearence on the program was a long time coming.

Kanye fans have been hoping for years that Kanye would sit down for an extended appearance on Joe's show. The anticipation heightened after the UFC commentator talked about the potential of the rapper's appearance amid his media spectacle for saying he supported the president, Donald Trump.

Kanye later went on to speak with Charlamagne The God, instead, on The Breakfast Club . Regarding what Joe had to say at the end of his Instagram statement, the podcaster claimed he and his team might consider getting another producer but they don't want to do that.

Moreover, they may choose to do some shows remotely. Joe, who is also a stand-up comedian and UFC commentator, admitted he was happy that Young Jamie was ok, but it was a "f*cked up situation." Joe then apologized to his fans.

This past week, Kanye West shared a screenshot of a Facetime conversation he and the podcaster had amid their plans to do a podcast together.

This all comes at a time for Kanye, as well, who announced his run for the presidential seat back on the 4th of July weekend. Mr. West just released his first campaign ad, and will reportedly appear on the ballot in just 12 states.

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