Joe Rogan Goes Off On Joe Biden's Belief That Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug That Should Be Illegal - 'That Is An Archaic And Ignorant Way Of Thinking'

Joe Rogan Goes Off On Joe Biden's Belief That Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug That Should Be Illegal - 'That Is An Archaic And Ignorant Way Of Thinking'
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Over the past decade, comedian Joe Rogan has built an audience for his Joe Rogan Experience podcast that has reached more than one billion downloads per year, averaging more than 100 million downloads per month. And, since Rogan often has guests from all across the political spectrum, the podcast has quite an influence on the current political discussion in the United States.

This means that when Joe Rogan has something to say, a lot of people take note. And, his recent comments about leading Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s stance on marijuana has people talking.

Despite the fact that cannabis remains illegal on the federal level due to a decades-old law rooted in racism, more than 30 states have legalized the use of cannabis medically and/or recreationally. And, the legalization trend continues, which helps take the focus of law enforcement away from the plant and towards more pressing issues. But, if Joe Biden has his way, the plant would apparently be completely illegal and people would go to jail for using it, and this set Joe Rogan off on Instagram this week.

In 2010, Biden said that marijuana is a gateway drug and “legalization is a mistake.” And, during a recent campaign appearance at a town hall in Las Vegas, he made it clear he hasn’t changed his mind.

"No, it hasn't changed," Biden answered, "the truth of the matter is, there has not been nearly enough evidence acquired as to whether or not it's a gateway drug."

This answer led to Rogan posting a long statement on Instagram about how wrong Biden is on the subject of marijuana legalization.

"The people who say 'marijuana is a gateway drug and it shouldn’t be legal' are really saying that they don’t believe in personal freedom, and that it is acceptable for you to be locked in a cage and have your life ruined for enjoying a plant that makes you happy,” wrote Rogan. “The fact that this insane way of thinking still exists in the general population is disappointing, but when you hear it come out of the mouth of someone running for president it shows how confusing these times truly are.”

Rogan went on to say that the freedom to explore your own consciousness should be a basic human right, and anyone who denies this freedom doesn’t deserve to be in a position of leadership. The 52-year-old former Fear Factor host said that he doesn’t believe marijuana is for everyone, but he believes in a society where people are free to explore what works for them and what doesn’t.

Rogan said that marijuana has made him a more sensitive person, and it has enhanced his feelings on the positive aspects of the community while making him more affectionate and compassionate.

Rogan finished his statement by saying that in 2019, it’s time for politicians and representatives to “wake the f*ck up” because our prisons are still filled with people convicted of nonviolent drug offenses, and history will not be kind to people who support it.

According to USA Today , even though Biden believes cannabis should be illegal, he has said that he wants people who are behind bars for crimes related to marijuana to be released and their records expunged. He also says that marijuana should no longer be a Schedule I drug - which means it has no medical use and is extremely addictive - and instead should be Schedule III so it can be researched more easily.


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