Joe Rogan Criticized By Social Media Users For Mocking Face Masks With Bill Burr

Joe Rogan Criticized By Social Media Users For Mocking Face Masks With Bill Burr
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Masks have been a controversial issue ever since the COVID-19 pandemic made its way into the United States and Canada in March of this year. The CDC and the World Health Organization initially questioned their effectiveness, with most arguing that the healthcare workers needed them more than the public.

In fact, many authoritative figures came right out and said that they weren't effective at all, but ironically said they were needed by health care professionals.

With that in mind, the issue has continued to be controversial, with many people arguing that the World Health Organization and government bodies were trying to conceal their effectiveness from the public, so as not to diminish the supply for healthcare workers.

These days, businesses are finally opening back up to normalcy again, but there are certainly new restrictions for how people should interact with each other, whether in public or privately owned establishments.

The masks have been made fun of on social media by many people over the last few months, and on a previous episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Joe Rogan, the host had on the comedian, Bill Burr, where he said that wearing masks were for "b*tches."

During the conversation, Bill Burr stood his ground and said to Joe Rogan that neither of them should act as if they're medical professionals. Rogan went on to laugh at the remarks and said that he would never be seen in public wearing a mask.

Afterward, Hot New Hip Hop reports, Joe Rogan's comments were flooded with social media users who took issue with the fact the podcaster had such a careless attitude toward the virus and the potential for spread.

Reportedly, 121,000 people have died from COVID-19 this year thus far in the United States, with over a million people around the world. The number is expected to rise on account of the Memorial Day Weekend gatherings in addition to the protests.

As it was noted above, masks have continued to be a topic of concern in the mainstream media, with some health professionals arguing that if everyone wore one, the virus' spread could be cut in half or even eliminated altogether.

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