Joe Rogan And Kanye West's Podcast Finally Airs After Many Postponements

Joe Rogan And Kanye West's Podcast Finally Airs After Many Postponements
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Kanye West and Joe Rogan have been trying to create a podcast together for a long time . Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that Kanye took to his Twitter account to share a screenshot of him and Joe Rogan during a Facetime call.

West claimed he was going to appear on the podcast with Joe, and told his fans to get ready. For the most part, fans expressed mixed reactions toward the idea, with many people arguing that it probably wouldn't happen, because Kanye regularly has ideas that he doesn't follow through on.

However, Joe posted the message, "oh yeah we did! Dropping tomorrow at 12:00 pm, Texas time." The message came alongside a photograph of Kanye in Joe Rogan's studio, indicating that they finally did get together for a podcast.

Additionally, Joe said the world would have a much better idea of how Kanye West thinks about life after the podcast. You can check out the new episode of Joe Rogan's series in the YouTube video below:

As it was noted above, Kanye and Joe Rogan have been trying to make this podcast work for years, but it never wound up happening. In the comment section of the YouTube video, fans touched on the way in which Mr. West would be asked a question and then talk about multiple different topics.

Kanye is currently running to be the president of the United States of America as a third-party candidate. He gave his party the name, "birthday party," because in Kanye's view, if they win, it'll be "everyone's birthday." The rapper has come under fire for a few reasons, however.

For instance, Forbes Magazine released a report in which they claimed Kanye was merely trying to set up a presidential bid so he could help Donald Trump beat Joe Biden , the Democratic presidential nominee who is widely thought to be the candidate which most black Americans will vote for.


Additionally, Kanye was in the headlines after he failed to make it on the ballot in some of the biggest states in the USA, including his own.

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