Joe Perry Hospitalized After Collapsing Backstage At A Billy Joel Concert

Joe Perry Hospitalized After Collapsing Backstage At A Billy Joel Concert

Following a performance with Billy Joel last night, guitarist for legendary rock band, Aerosmith -  Joe Perry -  had to be wheelchaired out of the Madison Square Garden and is now receiving treatment at a hospital due to breathing problems.

A representative speaking on the guitarist's behalf said to Fox News that he was treated after performing "Walk This Way" alongside Joel and complained of not being able to breathe.

At the scene, paramedics supplied him with oxygen and implemented a tracheal tube to open up his passages before taking him out of the venue and into the hospital.

Currently, Fox News reports that the guitar player is still receiving treatment. Despite not being able to appear at a scheduled event in Florida later today, he still is supposed to go on the road near the end of the month.

In a report from TMZ, Joe had been experiencing breathing problems for the last few weeks, which came as a part of respiratory congestion. It all came to the forefront on Saturday.

Fortunately, TMZ claims he is now awake and could be out of the hospital by the evening. Before the concert at Madison Square Garden, Joel uploaded a picture of himself with the Aerosmith guitarist and wrote in the caption that he was present with his "special guest," Joe.

Joel hasn't spoken out on the reports as of yet, but he was apparently unaware of what happened backstage. As most know, Billy Joel and Aerosmith were both at the height of their careers around the same time - the late 1970's and 1980's.

Some of Aerosmith's most classic songs include, "Sweet Emotion," Walk This Way," "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," and more. Billy Joel, on the other hand; his arguably biggest hit was the song, "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me." That isn't the extent to his hits, however.

Joel also had a huge song called "Uptown Girl," released in 1983 on the 12th of November. Since then, both acts have gone down in history as some of the biggest acts of all time.

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