Joe Jonas Says Brother Nick And His New Wife Priyanka Chopra Were Made For Each Other - Here's How!

Joe Jonas Says Brother Nick And His New Wife Priyanka Chopra Were Made For Each Other - Here's How!
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Nick Jonas and his bride Priyanka Chopra are enjoying their time as newlyweds, and they couldn’t be any happier! In the meantime, the singer’s brother, Joe, couldn’t help but gush over the couple!

Joe Jonas had a chat with an ET reporter this week, and he opened up about his brother’s perfect romance with beautiful actress Priyanka Chopra!

According to Joe, the two are just made for each other!

‘Seeing Nick's face when he met her, and the way that he talks about her, and getting to meet her, seeing what an amazing person she is, I knew right away they were a match made in heaven. My face hurts from smiling too much. The ceremonies were so beautiful. The Indian ceremony, for me, was something new. We were all in tears,’ Joe told the outlet.

As fans know, Nick and Priyanka’s double nuptials were just like out of a fairytale – something the new husband and wife, as well as everyone else in attendance, will certainly never forget.

That being said, did the weekend ceremonies make Joe more excited about wedding his own fiancée, Sophie Turner?

The man told ET that ‘I am [so excited]. You know, I did not even think about it much to be honest because it was just about them. This whole week, we let the celebration be about Nick and Priyanka.’

Also this week, some negativity managed to seep into the newlyweds’ online lives.

That being said, when accusations that Priyanka is a scan artist appeared, Joe and Sophie were quick to defend her.

The horrible claims were published in a New York Magazine’s The Cut report, which also said Nick married into a fraudulent relationship against his will.’

In response to the now deleted article, Joe called the story ‘disgusting’ and shamed the magazine for such ‘evil words.’


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