Joe Gorga Says He Loaned $15K From His Sister Teresa To Help Launch His Career

Joe Gorga Says He Loaned $15K From His Sister Teresa To Help Launch His Career
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Joe Gorga is very grateful to his sister Teresa Giudice for helping him launch his career. The man revealed that the RHONJ star actually borrowed him $15K when he needed it most.

The man values family like nothing else and will never take it for granted.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey celeb, Teresa Giudice did not hesitate to give her baby bro a hand which led to him owning multiple different businesses that were very successful as well!

So it sounds like the entrepreneurial spirit was always there and all Joe needed to get his career off the ground was some financial help from family – which did not hesitate to come!

During an interview with HollywoodLife, Gorga revealed that ‘When I first got into business, I went to her. I needed to borrow some money and I actually used her credit cards — I maxed out Teresa's credit cards. And she backed me up. That is how I got into business.’

‘I was 19 years old. My sister was young, too. So I was 19 and she was 21. She just started to get credit and still just trusted me. I maxed out all 3 of her credit cards. I got $15K out and that is how I bought my equipment and truck. It meant a lot to me she was there. And she supported me, especially with all her hard times that she is going through. So it was good,’ the man recalled, obviously grateful towards Teresa.

It is pretty clear that Gorga will never forget the kindness his older sister had shown him at the time and is not afraid to share the fact that he didn't do it all on his own.


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