Joe Giudice's Last Deportation Appeal Denied!

Joe Giudice's Last Deportation Appeal Denied!
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Sad news for Joe Giudice! According to some court papers first obtained by ET, the latest appeal of his deportation orders has been denied!

As fans may be aware, he's appealed his case in the United States Court of Appeal for the Third Circuit for the last time since he is allowed only three tries.

However, that does not mean his fate is sealed yet.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is free to also appeal his deportation to another court of appeals.

For now, Joe continues to reside in Italy and his lawyer declared that possible future appeals are going to be discussed with his immigration counsel in the following days.

The lawyer tells ET that 'We have always maintained that Joe Giudice belongs in the United States with his family, not in Italy. The immigration laws in our country are draconian and also antiquated and need to be revisited by forward thinking members of Congress. He is very positive about life, despite everything that's happening.'

He also went on to update fans on how his client has been doing, saying that: 'He's in Italy doing everything he can to keep busy,  and stay healthy. I know he's working on some projects that I'm sure you will hear about soon, for now it's day at a time like everyone else.'

It's no secret that Joe has been through a lot because of his illegal alien status ever since he was released from prison.

In reality, he would want nothing more than being able to come back home and be with his and Teresa's daughters.

While they've visited him in Italy on a couple of occasions since he's moved there, it's definitely not the same as being in their lives constantly.

He already feels like he's lost a lot of time with them because of his sentence so his appeal getting denied again must be really concerning news for him.


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