Joe Giudice Still Talks To Wife Teresa Every Day As He Gets Ready For Italy - She's His 'Lifeline'

Joe Giudice Still Talks To Wife Teresa Every Day As He Gets Ready For Italy - She's His 'Lifeline'
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Even though his request has been approved and Joe Giudice is going to wait out his deportation decision in Italy, one insider report claims he and his wife, Teresa Giudice still keep in contact. Apparently, the man makes sure to call her every day!

Not only that but the source tells HollywoodLife that Joe considers her his ‘lifeline’ as he gets ready for his new life in Italy.

‘Joe contacts her constantly. He really relies on her and needs to discuss the girls, his future and of course, the logistics of the case. Joe still clearly needs Teresa and Joe considers her his lifeline,’ the insider dished.

The truth is that Teresa has been dealing with things by herself for a very long time which is why nothing that is currently happening is fazing her too much.

She has no plans to follow him to Italy, the source assured fans.

‘Teresa is juggling her four daughters and working non-stop. She seriously shows no signs of facing any hardship. She is definitely a warrior. She has moved past serving time and has been nothing but a true support to Joe despite everything that’s happened. With that said, she has no plans to move to Italy. She has been parenting without Joe for years now and her father is one of her biggest supporters.’

And the four Giudice daughters really love him!

They also make him feel young since he always has something to do and he helps a lot so it’s a win-win situation, the insider noted.

As for Teresa, she is always so busy parenting the girls and also trying her best at her job since she cares about her career a lot, that she 'barely sleeps.'


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