Joe Giudice Reveals He's Dating A Lawyer In Italy

Joe Giudice Reveals He's Dating A Lawyer In Italy
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After his divorce from Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice seems to be doing pretty well in the love department! While the man is still in Italy, hoping to be eventually let back into the United States amid his deportation struggles, the man is now dating a lawyer!

During a new interview with Wendy Williams, Joe opened up about his new relationship, only a month after the divorce from Teresa was finalized.

The man could not help but rave about his new lady love and admitted that the lawyer has also been helping him a lot despite the romance being in its early stages.

Judging by what he had to say about his unnamed girlfriend, it sounds like she’s making Joe a very happy man so, hopefully, things between them last.

‘I’m actually seeing a lawyer. She’s helping out a lot out here, it’s good because I have a lot going on out here and she’s putting together a lot of deals for me. We’ve been seeing each other you know what I mean. I wouldn’t say she’s my girlfriend, but we’re hanging out together,’ Joe explained to the host during their virtual chat.

Joe also discussed his 20-years-long relationship with Teresa and why things did not work out between them in the end.

According to the man, the main reason was the ‘distance’ between them!

‘The distance and how’s it going to work? She’s over there, I’m over here. There’s no way it’s going to work no matter where I’m at. What am I going to do pull the kids out of school to come here? What are we doing to do with the kids? — It just won’t work. [The split] really wasn’t by choice. We fought and fought and fought.’

When asked if he’d ever live in the U.S. again, Joe suggested that he might not, explaining that ‘First I got to get permission to come back and once I get permission I want to be able to come visit whenever I want. I don’t know if I ever want to live there again.’


Instead, he would definitely come visit his loved ones and close friends as much as possible!


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