Joe Giudice Reacts To Losing His Deportation Appeal - 'I Was Hoping To Come Home To My Girls'

Joe Giudice Reacts To Losing His Deportation Appeal - 'I Was Hoping To Come Home To My Girls'
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After spending three years in prison, seven months in an ICE detention center, getting deported to Italy, and enduring years of court battles, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice’s legal troubles have finally come to an end. But, he didn’t get the outcome he was hoping for.

On Wednesday, the United States Court of Appeals denied Giudice’s final appeal to have his deportation overturned so he could return home to the United States. The decision follows Giudice’s conviction for wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud which led to his 41-month prison sentence and caused a judge to order his deportation to his native Italy.

The presiding judge in Giudice’s appeal ruled that the reality star committed an “aggravated felony,” which is defined as “an offense that…involves fraud or deceit in which the loss to the victim or victims exceeds $10,000” and that is grounds for deportation. In his defense, Guidice’s legal team argued that his loans were forgiven, so there was no loss, but the court was “not persuaded” by the argument.

Giudice’s lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., told Page Six that Giudice can appeal the decision again, and they have always maintained that Juicy Joe belongs in the United States with his family, not in Italy.

“The immigration laws in our country are both draconian and antiquated and need to be revisited by forward-thinking members of Congress,” said Leonard.

Even though his lawyer says he can appeal again, Giudice says he is done and this was his last shot at going back to America. He told The Hollywood Gossip : "As I proceeded with caution, hoping to win the judge’s sympathy. I was hoping to come home to my girls.”

He added, "According to U.S immigration I was told I will never step foot in America again. My appeal was denied. The dreadful words no one wants to hear, especially now. I always feel I belong in the United States with my family, not in Italy.”

Joe Giudice says that his heart is aching and his limbs feel weak after the decision. He said that he won’t see his daughters - Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10 - and their glowing smiles that he loved waking up with every morning.

Giudice says that all joy is now lost, and the decision makes him scared because his kids’ world won’t include him. Joe Guidice is currently living in Italy, while his daughters live in New Jersey with their mom, Teresa Giudice.


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