Joe Giudice Is 'Remorseful' Amid Deportation Possibility - Wishes He Could Turn Back Time!

Joe Giudice Is 'Remorseful' Amid Deportation Possibility - Wishes He Could Turn Back Time!
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Considering the situation he is currently in, it’s no surprise that Joe Giudice would give anything to turn back time and change things. As fans of RHONJ know, Teresa Giudice’s husband is still in the custody of ICE, waiting to learn his fate – will he be deported to his native Italy or be allowed to stay in the States with his family?

While pretty much in limbo, it turns out that Joe has a lot of time to really think about his mistakes.

The man was in prison for tax fraud and one insider report claims he really regrets the actions that got him behind bars in the first place.

‘Joe wishes he could go back in time and do things differently. He’s so remorseful. He’s truly learned his lesson and sees what this has done to his family. The whole situation is very challenging and straining,’ the insider tells HollywoodLife.

In the meantime, Teresa is determined to only make decisions in their four daughters’ best interests, and that means staying in America even if Joe gets deported!

‘Her job is to protect them. And, Joe also agrees it’s best for the girls to stay in the states. The situation is extremely tough for all of them, but they both really do want what’s best for the girls. There’s really no easy answer here, but Joe is remaining as optimistic as possible given the circumstances as he really does believe he may not get deported.’

All that being said, if Joe ends up being deported, he will lose everything and everyone he loves and that is all he can think about as he deeply regrets every wrong decision that has led to him being in this situation.


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