Joe Giudice Finally Files For An Appeal Shortly Before His Upcoming Deportation

Joe Giudice Finally Files For An Appeal Shortly Before His Upcoming Deportation
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As it was previously reported, Joe and Teresa Giudice intended to file an appeal with the court in Los Angeles in an effort to thwart the government's plan to have him deported back to Italy -  his native country. As most fans of the reality star know, he's not actually an American citizen.

Radar Online reported that the 46-year-old made the move on Friday, on the 9th of November, which was the deadline to officially file the legal documents.

A spokesperson speaking on the behalf of the Department of Justice said to the website, "Records show that its appellate component, the Board of Immigration Appeals," received the appeal yesterday on the 9th of November, regarding the fate of Giuseppe Giudice.

On the 10th of October, Us Weekly confirmed Joe's intentions to fight the court's verdict. A source said at the time, "Joe and his family are not going down without a fight. He wants to stay in his country where his daughters and wife are."

Their lawyer, James L. Leonard, said that "this isn't over, not by a long shot." Shortly before their lawyer's comments, a judge had ordered for the deportation of the husband of the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice.

At the moment, Giuseppe, or Joe, is serving his 41-month prison sentence in relation to bankruptcy, mail, and wire fraud. He first started serving his term in March 2016.

On the other side of the aisle, Teresa, 46, served an 11-month sentence which began in 2015. An insider explained, "everybody in their family and friends circle right now is really worried about this ruling. It's not going to be good for their family."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the 29th of October, Teresa denied the idea that she would be leaving her husband behind in a divorce if he were to be deported back to Italy.

The reality star said she and the rest of her daughters are going to fight this ruling and get through it. As fans of the couple know, they share four daughters together and got married in 1999. They have Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana, who are 17, 14, 12, and 9, respectively.

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