Joe Budden Says Logic Is 'Reverse Bullying' Him Following The Rapper's Comments About Suicide

Joe Budden Says Logic Is 'Reverse Bullying' Him Following The Rapper's Comments About Suicide
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Logic and Joe Budden aren't exactly friends. In recent news, the rapper, Logic , came out to say that comments from Joe Budden contributed to some of his darkest moments when he first came to prominence as a performing artist.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Budden would admit to Logic's rap skills during his appearances on  Everyday Struggle,  however, he was always very vocal about his distaste for the lyrical content of some of his most popular songs.

As it was previously reported, Budden referred to Logic as one of the worst rappers of all time, and he welcomed his retirement. In case you missed it, Logic came out to say he was going to drop his final record, No Pressure , following the birth of his first child.

When Budden came under fire for his comments, be back-tracked, and apologized for what he said. He also added that Logic's material just didn't resonate with him.

During Logic's appearence on Hot 97, he explained how Budden's words played a fundamental role in his depression, and he also claimed that Budden's comments make people want to commit suicide. Reportedly, Budden is an advocate for mental health, so his remarks appeared contradictory to his actions.

Joe responded on his account on Twitter by claiming Logic was "reverse bullying" him. The podcaster also mocked the situation with some of his fans in the comment section.

Joe Budden hasn't released a new full podcast episode yet, but fans of the podcaster can probably expect a new show in which Budden addresses the controversy. There's no question Joe is no stranger to criticism.

He was one of Eminem's most vocal critics in the past , especially after the release of Eminem's widely disliked, Revival , which was excoriated by the mainstream press as well as by the hip-hop community.

Eminem said in an interview that it was different from his past efforts because normally the scene would back him up. However, Eminem said he was shocked to see that nothing of the sort came to fruition again regarding Revival.

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