Joe Budden Reveals He Was Diagnosed With COVID-19 - Says It May Affect The Podcast Schedule

Joe Budden Reveals He Was Diagnosed With COVID-19 - Says It May Affect The Podcast Schedule
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Joe Budden was on his Twitter account to reveal his health status. The outlet claims Joe Budden has come down with the coronavirus, which he confirmed on his Twitter account.

Budden wrote, "So, I have COVID," before going on to say in front of his 1 million Twitter followers that it probably affects the podcast schedule. The news of his positive diagnosis was met with a swath of well-wishes for Joe, who has frequently stated how serious the pandemic is on his program, Hot New Hip Hop reported.

This all comes after Joe Budden's podcast was removed from Spotify's listing after he refused to sign a deal with them. Rather than host his program on Spotify, Hot New Hip Hop says Joe has created a new network called The Joe Budden Network which has already started to air new content.

Regarding Joe's diagnosis, the media personality isn't in the high-risk group considering he doesn't have any pre-existing conditions and he isn't over the age of 70. Either way, Joe isn't the only public figure who has come down with the illness.

As it was previously reported, Kanye West said he also came down with the coronavirus, and Kim Kardashian, his wife, claimed she was really struggling to take care of Kanye at the time because she was focusing on her career, her husband, and her children all at the same time.

Stars such as Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, also came forward to say they had both caught the coronavirus while filming a movie down in Australia. In fact, Tom and Rita were the first celebrities to come out to say they had the virus.


Once Tom revealed his diagnosis, many other stars came forward to say they had caught it. For instance, Colton Underwood, The Bachelorette star, and Rachel Matthews, who was a voice actor in Frozen. Since then, the Castaway star has come forward to question why some people, in his view, just aren't taking the pandemic as seriously as they should.

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