Joe Budden Comments On New Leaked Verse From Eminem

Joe Budden Comments On New Leaked Verse From Eminem
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Everyone in the hip-hop world knows that Joe Budden and Eminem have had a bizarre relationship over the last few years. At one point in time, Joe Budden and Marshall Mathers were close, however, those times have since come and gone.

For the most part, both parties appear to have let each other move on and forget about their beef, although, Eminem's latest record, Music To Be Murdered By, featured a song called "Lock It Up," which addressed their feud once again.

In recent news, an unreleased song featuring Eminem and Conway was leaked onto the internet. The track is called "Bang," and some of its lyrics may undo the progress Joe and Eminem have made over the last few years, at least that's what fans initially thought.

Rather than get mad at the verse, Joe Budden admitted the song was old, so there was no sense in getting upset over something that is not only from the past, but it was never intentionally leaked either.

Joe joked that he was getting ready to come in the room and scream at "Paul Rosenberg" for leaking the track, but that's not the best way to go about it, he argued. Budden went on to say that nobody cares about the beef anymore either, including Eminem, him, and Slaughterhouse.

According to Budden, he and Eminem are focused on different things in their lives right now. The former rapper went on to say that there are more important issues happening in the world, and it's best to stay level-headed and continue focusing on what's important.

More importantly, the rapper added, he's not rapping anymore so yelling at Eminem and Paul Rosenberg wouldn't be that entertaining for him either. It's clear Joe is much older and wiser these days, a fact he, himself, has recognized.

The rapper joked that he's 40-years-old old now, and there's no reason for him to be dwelling on the past. As it was previously reported, when Eminem released Revival, much of the hip-hop world criticized him and the new songs.

Joe Budden was chief among them, although, his record right after, Kamikaze , was received far more positively.

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