Joe Budden Attacked Online By Bad Girls Club Alum Natalie Nunn

Joe Budden Attacked Online By Bad Girls Club Alum Natalie Nunn
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Joe Budden was recently targeted by the Bad Girls Club alum, Natalie Nann, Hot New Hip Hop reported. Earlier this week, Joe Budden touched on Tekashi 6ix9ine's Instagram Live session in which he addressed the snitching allegations and also danced around in his room while singing.

Ever since Tekashi 6ix9ine came back to social media and addressed the criticism against him, other commentators and podcasters have also been fighting, including Nann and Budden.

During a recent podcast episode of The Joe Budden podcast, the former rapper touched on Tekashi's return to form following his life behind bars.

Natalie Nunn was caught in the cross-hairs when Joe referred to her as "Nasty Nat." Joe Budden said on his show that he wasn't even looking at Tekashi 6ix9ine's "numbers" or "views;" he was only looking through the comment section to see who was being "nasty."

Joe went on to say, "I saw Natalie Nunn in there giving it up! Nasty a** Nat!" It wasn't long before Natalie Nunn and her husband, Jacob Payne, addressed the comment. Natalie said on her own IG Live that Joe had some "smoke" coming his way.

On his Instagram Story, Jacob Payne warned Budden to watch his back before he got himself "into some s**t" that he doesn't want any part of. Payne went on to refer to Joe as a "b*tch a** n*gga" hiding behind a microphone and talking about women.

Nunn shared his clip and also screenshotted a direct message that she sent to Joe Budden in which she was obviously fighting back too. He never responded to her directly, but he later took to his Twitter to write, "Lol," alongside crying and laughing emojis.

As it was previously reported, Tekashi 6ix9ine dropped a brand new single yesterday as well as a music video following his incarceration and subsequent release. During his IG Live, Tekashi shouted out to his lawyer, the judge who let him out early to spend time with his family, and a few other associates of his.

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