Joe Biden Says That At Least '10-15% Of Americans' Are Bad People

Joe Biden Says That At Least '10-15% Of Americans' Are Bad People
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Amid Joe Biden's criticism of Donald Trump, Joe Biden claimed that at least "10-15%" of people are "not very good people." During a conversation with Don Cheadle on the 4th of June, Joe Biden explained his reasoning for why he believes Trump does not behave in a way that a president should.

Biden claimed that what the president has to say, matters. For that reason, if the United States president has something to say that divides the country, it ultimately brings the worst out of people rather than the best.

You can check out what Joe Biden had to say in the YouTube video below:

Joe Biden, in the same clip, argued that because Trump supposedly divides the country, his words often cause an inflammatory reaction among those of us who aren't "good people." Biden went on to say that the country has to appeal to the other 85% who are good.

Some social media users suggested that what Joe Biden had to say was divisionary, in itself. Of course, this wouldn't be the first time the Democratic nominee was slammed by social media users.

Earlier this year, during a conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Joe Biden controversially told Charlamagne and his viewers that if people had to choose between voting for him and Donald Trump, then they weren't "black."

He was excoriated for his remarks in the YouTube comment section beneath The Breakfast Club 's channel. Many users in the comment section explained that his appearence on the show did nothing to help his chance at the presidency.

Additionally, during the same interview, Charlamagne Tha God jokingly accused Joe Biden of avoiding black media. The Breakfast Club host said to him that he "couldn't do this to black media."

Reportedly, the context for Charlamagne's statements goes further back. Joe Biden had allegedly been avoiding doing an interview with The Breakfast Club for several months. This year, Joe will face off against Donald Trump for the November 2020 election.

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