Joe Biden Officially Breaks Barack Obama's Record For Getting The Most Popular Votes In History

Joe Biden Officially Breaks Barack Obama's Record For Getting The Most Popular Votes In History
Credit: BET

The whole United States is still boiling with excitement and people are anxious and they are keeping their eyes peeled on the numbers. Now, The Shade Room just broke the news that Joe Biden just broke the record of Barack Obama for receiving the most popular votes in history.

He got 70 million so far and still counting!

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TSR notes that the election results are far from over, and they point out that Joe Biden has already made history.

'As the tally continues to increase, it’s being widely reported that Biden has currently received more popular votes than any other candidate in history…officially surpassing our forever president Barack Obama!' TSR noted.

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TSR quotes data from Newsweek and reported that Joe Biden has just broken Barack Obama’s popular vote record that has been set 12 years ago in 2008 when he initially ran for president.

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'Biden has currently received almost 70 million votes (69,512,303 votes or 50.1%) and counting, compared to Donald Trump ’s 67,069,982 votes (or 48.3%.) That count is expected to grow even larger for Biden as the popular votes continue to trickle in,' TSR noted.

Someone commented: 'Taking down the Donald is a worthy cause for this 😂.'

A follower said: 'So y’all liked Biden more than Barack,' and one follower said: 'We still love Obama more 🥳 but anyway #bidenharris2020.'

Someone else said: 'How can you like Biden more than the best us president to ever serve in office???'


What do you think about the results so far?


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