Joe Biden Gets A Sweet Surprise From Former President Barack Obama Along With The Endorsements Of Several High-Profile Figures

Joe Biden Gets A Sweet Surprise From Former President Barack Obama Along With The Endorsements Of Several High-Profile Figures
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It appears that Joe Biden got a pleasant surprise from his old friend, former President Barack Obama.

It has been confirmed by several media outlets that Obama was among the many high-profile politicians who reached out to the former vice president to congratulate him for his blow-out win in South Carolina on Saturday.

In the 48 hours that followed, Biden was endorsed by several candidates who have suspended their campaigns, including Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and former Congressman Beto O'Rourke.

During a Biden campaign rally in Dallas, Texas; Buttigieg explained why he decided to back the former vice president's campaign: "I'm looking for a leader. I'm looking for a president who will bring us together."

Biden praised the former mayor and went as far as comparing him to his late son, Beau Biden: "I look over at Pete during the debates, and I think, you know, that's a Beau, because he has such an enormous character. Such intellectual capacity and such a commitment to other people. And folks, I can't tell you how much it means to me that he would step up and endorse me."

Klobuchar spoke at the rally before Biden took the stage and had the following to say: "If you feel tired of the noise and the nonsense in our politics, and if you are tired of the extremes, you have a home with me. And I think you have a home with Joe Biden. It's time for Americans to join hands instead of pointing fingers."

O'Rourke gave a fiery speech where he told the audience: "Tomorrow, March 3, 2020, I will be casting my ballot for Joe Biden. We need somebody who can beat Donald Trump. The man in the White House today poses an existential threat to this country, to our democracy, to free and fair elections, and we need someone who can beat him."

Biden delighted the supporters by taking down President Donald Trump with a fiery speech of his own before the rally ended.

Biden stated: "Folks, I knew -- I believed that he wasn't going to be a very good president. But I have to admit to you that Donald Trump, well, I didn't have any idea how much it was always going to be about Donald Trump. It has a corrosive impact. It's having a corrosive impact on our children."

Biden continued: "The days of Donald Trump's divisiveness will soon be over. Folks, there are two ways people get inspired. They get inspired by great leaders like Lincoln and Roosevelt and Kennedy and Obama, but they also get inspired by very bad leaders. No, I really mean it. This president has sort of ripped the band-aid off, exposed just how venal he's become, and how he has literally strangled the life out of the Republican Party."

Biden and his chief rival, Senator Bernie Sanders, are hoping for big wins on Super Tuesday.


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