Joe Biden Gets A Major Surrogate In Barack Obama Who Plans To Take These Actions With Wife Michelle Obama To Help Him Beat President Donald Trump

Joe Biden Gets A Major Surrogate In Barack Obama Who Plans To Take These Actions With Wife Michelle Obama To Help Him Beat President Donald Trump
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It has finally happened. Former Vice President Joe Biden has gotten the long-awaited endorsement from his friend and former President Barack Obama.

After getting the backing of Senator Bernie Sanders, the Biden campaign got the official support of Obama, who made the promise to work hard to get him elected during this new era of social distancing.

It has been confirmed that the popular politician from Illinois will be working overtime as a top surrogate to launch a series of virtual fundraising events with major donors.

Obama and Biden will also be appearing side-by-side in joint television appearances in the upcoming weeks.

The Biden campaign is also expecting to have beloved former First lady Michelle Obama taking part in fundraising and voter registration efforts.

In the endorsement video, Obama opened by talking about the current crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic: “If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a country from moments of great crisis, it’s that the spirit of looking out for one another can’t be restricted to our homes, or our workplaces, or our neighborhoods, or our houses of worship. It also has to be reflected in our national government. The kind of leadership that’s guided by knowledge and experience, honesty and humility, empathy, and grace — that kind of leadership doesn’t just belong in our state capitols and mayors offices. It belongs in the White House. And that’s why I’m so proud to endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States.”

He continued: “Choosing Joe to be my Vice President was one of the best decisions I ever made. He’s got the character and the experience to guide us through one of our darkest times and heal us through a long recovery. And he’ll surround himself with good people – experts, scientists, and military officials who actually know how to run the government, work with our allies, and always put the American people’s interests above their own.”

Obama added: “Because one thing everybody has learned by now is that the Republicans occupying the White House and running the U.S. Senate are not interested in progress. They’re interested in power. They've shown themselves willing to kick millions off their health insurance and eliminate preexisting conditions protections for millions more, even in the middle of this public health crisis. Even as they’re willing to spend a trillion dollars on tax cuts for the wealthy.”

He also shared: “Right now, we need Americans of goodwill to unite in a great awakening against a politics that too often has been characterized by corruption, carelessness, self-dealing, disinformation, ignorance, and meanness. And to change that, we need Americans of all political stripes to get involved in our politics and public life like never before.”

It is clear that Democrats are united to face Trump in the fall.

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