Jodie Turner-Smith Reveals Why She Doesn't Want To Raise Her Baby In The United States

Jodie Turner-Smith Reveals Why She Doesn't Want To Raise Her Baby In The United States
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Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith recently tied the knot with Dawson’s Creek alum Joshua Jackson, and the newlyweds are expecting their first child. In a new interview, Turner-Smith says she and her husband are considering raising their baby outside of the United States because of racial issues.

“The racial dynamics over here are fraught. White supremacy is overt. It's the reason I don't want to raise my kids here,” the 33-year-old told the Sunday Times , adding “I don't want my kids to grow up doing active shooter drills at school.”

Turner-Smith is the daughter of Jamaican parents and she was born in Peterborough, England. However, after her parents’ divorce, she moved with her mom to Maryland. She says she was excited to move to America and meet black people, but it was a huge culture shock. Turner-Smith says she was rejected by the black community because she talked “like a white girl.”

She added that people would call her “Oreo,” and all she wanted was acceptance. Turner-Smith says she still experiences racism, and revealed that there was a wave of people who were upset that she was “possibly married to a white man.” Turner-Smith says in America, interracial dating or marriage is still not accepted, and people in both communities are still strongly against it.

“I felt it from the black community. It is so complicated. I don't want to give it too much energy. The horrific things that people were saying, it makes you. … I'm learning there are certain things I have to really keep for myself,” said Turner-Smith.

Turner-Smith - who is seven months pregnant - doesn’t want to raise her baby in her native UK, either. The actress and model said that “England has gone off the rails,” so is she thinking about Canada, as her husband was born in Vancouver.

This revelation is the first time Turner-Smith has opened up to the media about her pregnancy. She and Jackson have been extremely private about their relationship, and they never actually confirmed their relationship or marriage.

“People are assuming whatever they want,” said Turner-Smith. “But, when people tell me ‘congratulations,’ I say ‘thank you.’”

Us Weekly reported that the couple was married and expecting last December after they were spotted picking up a marriage license at a Beverly Hills courthouse, and they made their first public appearance as a couple at W Magazine’s pre-Golden Globes party at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in early January.

Joshua Jackson also attended the Queen & Slim premiere in November, and Jodie Turner-Smith has posted a few pics on social media, including one racy photo during their vacation to Jamaica on New Year’s Day.


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