Jodie Sweetin's Ex Justin Hodak Violates His Restraining Order Again!

Jodie Sweetin's Ex Justin Hodak Violates His Restraining Order Again!
Source: NY DailyNews

Today police made their way to the home of Jodie Sweetin yet again after they received a call that Justin Hodak had been near the Sweetin residence for the second time despite the restraining order against him.

In case you missed it , the Fuller House actress called off their 2-month engagement in late March.

Jodie filed a restraining order compelling him to stay away from her and the children shortly afterward because of his abusive and neurotic behavior.

The couple had gotten into a heated altercation shortly after their split. Jodie said Justin had been abusing alcohol and marijuana that evening and had threatened to commit suicide after Sweetin told him to leave.

The matter got a lot worse when he pulled down a seven-foot bookcase forcing Jodie to call the police immediately. When the cops arrived, they found a firearm on the man which he is not allowed to have due to him being a felon.

Sweetin filed a restraining order against him, but it didn't matter; he showed up anyway on the 27th of March and was arrested for his first violation of the mandate against him.

A couple of days later, he was seen creeping around the neighborhood. An LAPD spokesperson said Hodak drove into the driveway of Jodie's home on Wednesday and then sped off when security came out.

The police arrived shortly after they were called but the man was nowhere in sight. Hodak denied being at Jodie's house, but it didn't matter, officers issued a report against him alleging he was in contempt of court.

It looks like Justin Hodak is having a bit of difficulty taking a hint! Maybe he'll stay away this time.


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