Joaquin Phoenix Reveals That He Thought His Now-Fiancée Rooney Mara Hated Him When They First Met

Joaquin Phoenix Reveals That He Thought His Now-Fiancée Rooney Mara Hated Him When They First Met
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According to a report from, Joaquin Phoenix was wrong about his now-fiancée's perception of him. During an interview with reporters from Vanity Fair, the Joker actor revealed that when he and his fiancée first met, he was entirely convinced she hated his guts.

Joaquin and Rooney first met on the set of the 2013 film, Her. It turns out that Rooney just liked him a lot and was shy around him. There was a connection between them after they spent more time together. Phoenix later admitted in the interview that she was the only girl he ever looked up online.

According to Joaquin, he and Rooney were just friends for a while, however, after reaching out to her online - something he had never done before - they slowly started to build a relationship. In 2017, Mara and Phoenix, 34 and 44, respectively, took the red carpet together at the Cannes Film Festival where they were spotted talking and embracing each other.

In 2017, Phoenix walked away with the best actor award for his role in the movie, You Were Never Really Here. A source who spoke with People Magazine claimed Mara and Phoenix were talking with one another "nonstop."

This past month, Phoenix took the center stage while accepting an award at the Toronto International Film Festival where he expressed his gratitude for her.

This year, Joaquin portrayed Joke r, directed by Todd Phillipps, and the movie received critical praise and is gearing up to be extremely successful at the box office as well. However, the movie hasn't been without its critics, including the United States Army who warned the film might incite violent behavior from angry, disenfranchised, young men.

The director of the movie, the aforementioned Todd Philipps, later addressed haters, stating that Joker was only a movie, and it takes place in a fictional world and revolves around fictional characters. It's up to the viewers to determine how they interpret it.

Joaquin Phoenix, as well, claimed it was important for viewers to look inside themselves and try and understand the dark part of their psyche, rather than merely consider others as malevolent.


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