Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Had One Strong Rule For Cast And Crew Of Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Had One Strong Rule For Cast And Crew Of Joker
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According to a report from Movie Web, Joaquin Phoenix needed all production members to abide by one simple - but serious - rule for the hit film, Joker , which came out near the beginning of the month of October. As it was previously reported, Joaquin has received considerable praise for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck.

Movie Web reported that many of Phoenix's tactics seem weird or rude to those around him, but it's part of his preparation methodology. In addition to losing 50 pounds for the movie, Phoenix reportedly got into a verbal spat with the longtime Hollywood legend, Robert De Niro, the details of which haven't been revealed - yet.

Regarding the rule the actor asked for, Joaquin told the director of the film, Todd Phillips, that his only rule was to hire "really good actors," and as long as he did that, Phoenix was happy with what went on during filming,

Before actually getting the role, Josh Pais, who starred in the film, met up with Todd and the director told him that it was important for Pais not to be an "a**hole," because it "ruins the vibe" on set. The director explained to Mr. Pais that it was crucial to hire only really solid actors and no "a**holes," at the behest of Mr. Phoenix.

Joaquin reportedly told the director that he didn't care who he cast, as long as they're sufficiently talented actors and weren't "a**holes," and then Todd relayed the same message to Pais. Pais then went on to receive the role so it's safe to assume he passed the test.

In addition to landing Joaquin one of his greatest performances in years, analysts predict that Joker will exceed the $1 billion mark at the international box offices.

The film sparked controversy on social media and in the mainstream media due to the warnings by federal agencies that Joker could inspire mass shootings due to its themes of violence and mental illness.

In addition to the United States Army warning about the potential for increased violence, the FBI, as well as the DHS, stated they would be monitoring social media activity in relation to the movie.

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