Joaquin Phoenix And Todd Phillips' Joker Receives Standing Ovation At Film Festival

Joaquin Phoenix And Todd Phillips' Joker Receives Standing Ovation At Film Festival
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According to a report from Page Six, the premiere of the new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix ended in a nearly 10-minute standing ovation in Europe at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. Mr. Phoenix, along with the film's director, Todd Phillips, were both there when the audience cheered for 8 minutes in total.

Reportedly, during the final moments of the movie, particularly when Joaquin Phoenix's name appeared in the ending credits, someone could be heard screaming in the audience, "Bravo!" The 44-year-old said on the same day that he chose to stay away from other interpretations of the Joker.

As fans of the iconic character know, Heath Ledger and Jared Leto were the two actors to last play the iconic character, with Mr. Ledger, in particular, receiving nearly universal praise. Just a few months after the release of the movie, Heath Ledger died from an accidental drug overdose.

It was reported by Todd Malm earlier this week, that Joaquin and Mr. Todd Phillips considered the movie as their very own film, and they were going to make it in their own way, without referring to other movies or creations.

Joaquin said to reporters that he was doing a unique interpretation of the character. Moreover, the actor claims Todd gave him a personal diary in which he was supposed to write about the "absurdities of life." The diary was supposed to belong to Arthur Fleck, the Joker in the movie.

Joaquin has received praise, as well, for his massive body transformation for the role. He lost 52 pounds. Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, Joaquin said that losing that much weight at once really has a negative impact on a person's psyche. "You start to go mad," the actor remarked.

In terms of the laugh, Joaquin states he and Todd worked together on what they wanted it to sound like. Philipps' idea was to make it so brutal that it would be almost painful to listen to.

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