Joanna Gaines Gets Candid About The Pressures Of Social Media That She Fell Victim To!

Joanna Gaines Gets Candid About The Pressures Of Social Media That She Fell Victim To!
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There's no doubt that being a celebrity on social media comes with a lot of pressure and stress. Now, Joanna Gaines is opening up about just that!

In a brand new column for Magnolia Journal, the Fixer Upper star admits she has attempted to seem perfect on her Instagram account and that has affected her a lot in the end.

‘Today’ reports that she writes: ‘It wasn't so very long ago that I had only a handful of followers on Instagram. There was not any pressure to post anything at all, so whenever I did, it did not really cross my mind whether or not people would 'like' it.’

As you can imagine, she started to get more and more insecurities as the fame online increased.

The woman went on to explain that ‘Posting a photo was no longer an act of enjoying the in-the-moments of life but rather a more calculated decision. With every pic I found myself critiquing if there were messy backgrounds or any blurry smiles. I think it is how we can end up losing sight of what is worthy of sharing and what's even more worthy than that - moments worth simply experiencing.’

Fortunately, after she realized that, she started to fight against social media robbing people of ‘authentic moments.’

And that is even more important to do when you have kids, the mother of five made sure to mention, since they can become a spectacle as well.

Joanna argued that it’s a bit creepy that there is a place where one can manipulate the way their own self is presented with nearly no consequences.

‘What happens when we do not think our 'real life' looks as good as someone else's? We make adjustments - find better lighting, dress our kids in something nicer, or add the perfect filter.’


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