Joanna And Chip Gaines Fixing Up Their Parents As Couple Prepares For New Magnolia TV Network

Joanna And Chip Gaines Fixing Up Their Parents As Couple Prepares For New Magnolia TV Network
Credit: Source: Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Joanna and Chip Gaines are fixing up their parents ensuring that everyone gets along this holiday season, according to a new report by the National Enquirer. The couple is preparing to launch their Magnolia TV network and wants to ensure that things are working well for their entire family. Joanna's parents are Nan and Jerry Stevens and Chip's parents are Bob and Gayle Gaines. According to the report, Joanna has been engaging in activities with Nan and Gayle, while Chip has been getting Bob and Jerry together for some fun activities. They are hoping to smooth out any kinks and ensure that everyone gets along famously.

The National Enquirer's source stated the following.

"There's no hatred or bad blood — they just have zero to say to each other. This holiday season, Chip and Jo are determined to do something about it. Jo has had Nan and Gayle over to help her rustle up meals together in her massive kitchen! Jo's mom taught her everything she knows, and the two of them have been teaching Gayle some of their deepest secrets, which has been a great icebreaker!"

According to the report, even though the in-laws live relatively close to each other, there has been enough distance between the families to cause Joann and Chip to take action.

The report continued to describe the steps Chip has taken to bring the two men closer together.

"Meanwhile, Chip and Bob have had Jerry getting under the hood of some of the prized cars in the reality star's collection." The source specifically stated the following to the outlet, "They 're all mechanics so they've bonded with grease and oil!"

Chip and Joanna have five children so it is important that all grandparents get along well and feel even more comfortable with each other.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it's important to ensure that people are as relaxed as possible and potential conflicts are quickly diffused. Judging by the National Enquirer's reporting, it appears that Chip and Joanna have done just that and are on track to have a great holiday season.

Are you looking forward to Joanna and Chip Gaines' upcoming Magnolia TV network?

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