Joan Collins And Hubby Percy Gibson Put Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson To Shame

Joan Collins And Hubby Percy Gibson Put Kate Beckinsale And Pete Davidson To Shame
Credit: Source: Joan Colins/Percy Gibson/Hello Magazine

Mover over Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson and let's hear it for Joan Collins and her husband Percy Gibson. The two lovebirds were spotted out on a romantic date at Craig's in West Hollywood, and if there's any couple that shows age is nothing but a number it's these two. Married in 2002, Joan Collins, 85, and Percy Gibson, 54, have been married for 17 years. Like her character Alexis Carrington on the eighties series Dynasty , Joan Collins proves to be a woman whose beauty, elegance and class become more refined with age.

Not only were Joan and Percy spotted out together, but the public remarked at how much in love the two still seem to appear. If Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are looking for role models for their May/December romance, they certainly have them with Joan Collins and Percy Gibson.

Joan Collins' career continues to thrive and the Golden Globe and People Choice Awards winner has recently appeared in The Royals, American Horror Story, and Hawaii Five-O . Joan will also appear in Unforgettable with The Birds actress Tippi Hedren.

You may see exclusive video footage captured by X17Online with Joan Collins and her hubby Percy Gibson leaving Craig's in the video player below.

Not only do Joan and Percy remain in love, but the couple walked hand in hand until Dame Joan signed an autograph for a smiling fan, who was apparently thrilled for the close-up encounter with the actress.

As soon as Joan finished signing the autography, Percy immediately too her hand in his and helped her walk to their vehicle.

You can hear in the video someone saying to Joan, "You look beautiful." She smiled for the cameras as Percy walked her to her side of the car and opened the door for her. Joan kept smiling then gave a little dip to the photographers before entering.

She continued smiling at the photographers and put her seat belt on, before Percy entered the driver's side, buckled himself in and drove the pair away.

Are you a fan of Joan Collins'? Did you watcher in Dynasty or in the latest season of FX's American Horror Story?

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