JK Rowling's Ex-Husband Doesn't Deny Hitting Her - And He's 'Not Sorry'

JK Rowling's Ex-Husband Doesn't Deny Hitting Her - And He's 'Not Sorry'
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In a recent essay, the Harry Potter author, who went on to become one of the most successful female writers in history as a consequence of her fantasy series, claimed that her first marriage to Jorge Arantes, 52, was "violent."

During a conversation with The Sun on Wednesday night, Jorge claimed that it was true, he did slap her, but he never abused her on a regular basis as she has claimed. The outlet says that Jorge is a former journalist and recovering drug addict, and he has no remorse for what he did.

From outside of his mother's house in Porto, Portugal, Jorge claimed he wasn't sorry for hitting her. Fans of the author know that the 54-year-old writer was married to Arantes in the 1990s from 1992 until 1995. They had one daughter together, Jessica Isabel Arantes, who was born in July 1993.

Now, Rowling has since moved on from her relationship with Jorge. She married Neil Murray in 2001. This Wednesday, JK Rowling wrote a long essay in which she revealed her views on transgender issues, and also touched on her life as a domestic abuse survivor.

Rowling wrote in her column that she escaped her first violent marriage which took a lot of work, but now, she's married to a good man with principles. She says that he has principles and is safe. Even though she managed to move past what happened to her, Rowling claims the scars are still there.

Her family often jokes about her "jumpiness," which she claims are a consequence of abuse. In response to these allegations, Jorge said he never read her essay, and he doesn't care much about it either.

Arantes claims that there wasn't "sustained abuse," and whatever she says about her life is up to her. Earlier this month, JK Rowling was accused of transphobia once again when she derisively pointed to an advertisement that refused to use the term "women," as a way of being more inclusive.

Rowling joked on her Twitter that there used to be a name for it the female sex.

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