JK Rowling Puts Trump On Blast For His Sloppy Yet Ironic Tweeting

JK Rowling Puts Trump On Blast For His Sloppy Yet Ironic Tweeting
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JK Rowling got to talk smack about Donald Trump yet again after the president made another spelling error when he was bragging about himself on Twitter. JK took to Twitter to laugh uncontrollably, almost to the point of obnoxiousness, when she wrote a series of "haha's" at the politician's expense.

Rowling wrote, "Donald Trump is the gratest writer on earth," clearly mocking Trump's spelling ability, as the word "greatest," was misspelled, "gratest."

Trump's original tweet said that he was a good writer and had sold many best selling works, but in the very same tweet, he misspelled "pore."

Merriam-Webster got involved as well when they pointed out that it was the improper spelling of the word "pore," as Trump wrote "pour," instead. Trump later recorrected his tweet, and Rowling continued obnoxiously tweeting about it.

As fans of the Harry Potter writer know, she frequently likes to take shots at the president for a plethora of different reasons, from policy decisions all the way to incorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The dictionary company, Merriam-Webster, has taken aim at the politician several times as well, including the time he wrote, "covfefe," and also "council," for "counsel."

According to the organization, after he was inaugurated, many began searching for the term, "misogyny," alluding to the fact that a few women have accused the president of being a sexual predator, however, most of the claims haven't been substantiated.

Either way, Trump is a controversial figure, and celebrities love to make fun of him. Rowling's fellow writer, Stephen King, used to love mocking the president as well, but he has since laid off.

In recent news, Trump's administration came under fire for separating children from their parents when illegally crossing the American/Mexican border. Trump had to sign an executive order to stop the practice, although it was never signed into practice anyway.

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