Jimmy Kimmel Updates Fans On His Son's Health

Jimmy Kimmel Updates Fans On His Son's Health
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Jimmy Kimmel has been through a lot when it comes to his child’s health which is why he is so involved in projects such as the Annual L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade event. The TV personality also took this opportunity to update fans on the two year old’s state now.

Prior to the cookout with culinary stars that has been happening every year for the past decade, Jimmy gave an interview to E! News, sharing the reason why the cause is so very important to him and his family members.

‘Alex's Lemonade fund research, they help families, they do so many important things. They have saved a lot of lives and saved people from the worst nightmare that anyone could imagine. I just love doing this. It's my favorite charity event of the year,’ Kimmel told the news outlet.

Jimmy and his wife, Molly, welcomed a son named William John Kimmel in May of 2017 and unfortunately, he was born with a heart disease.

The newborn needed open heart surgery as a result, a procedure he underwent at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

As for how Billy has been doing, the father was happy to share that he is ‘great. He is really fun, a normal little kid. He is very much into Spiderman. He calls Spiderman fighter man, which might be a new hero. But he runs around in a little Spiderman costume and it has got muscles on it and it is weird because it looks like a tiny little adult has invaded our home.’

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