Jimmy Kimmel Reflects On The Heart Surgeries His Child Had

Jimmy Kimmel Reflects On The Heart Surgeries His Child Had
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Fans of Jimmy Kimmel know that health care is one of the closest issues to his heart. Earlier this week, Jimmy shared a video made by his wife, Molly McNearney, in which they discussed their 3-year-old child's health struggles.

McNearney wrote in her message that just three years ago, she delivered a baby boy. However, it took three hours for the nurse to realize there was something wrong with their child, and just an hour later, their newborn was in the NICU.

According to Molly, their child was born with congenital heart defects, which led to three heart surgeries and over 60 doctors' appointments over the course of three years. Jimmy's wife went on to say that "this" is what it looks like when a child has a "preexisting condition."

The discussion surrounding Billy's health then became political, with Molly explaining how many Americans around the country struggled with similar preexisting conditions including things like diabetes, asthma, and cancer, among other illnesses.

McNearney then went on to urge the viewers at home to get out and vote in the coming election. Additionally, McNearney shared another video showing their 3-year-old child dancing and playing with his 6-year-old sister.

Fans of Jimmy Kimmel 's show know that this isn't the first time he has touched on his child's health. For example, he talked about Billy amid the beginning of Donald Trump's win of the presidency back in 2017. Around that time, there was still debate regarding the Affordable Care Act, which has also been called Obamacare.

As most know, this all comes after the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump last night in what marked the final presidential debate between both of the candidates. Thus far, the reviews of the debate were that it was far calmer.


Earlier this year, Jimmy was in the headlines, like a few other celebrities, for a blackface controversy. The star's friend and former collaborator, Adam Carolla, came to Kimmel's defense amid the backlash. Jimmy Fallon was in the headlines for the same reason, although, Chris Rock came to bat for Fallon instead.

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