Jimmy Fallon Surprises Alex Rodriguez With 20-Year Old Video Clip Of Him Describing His Dream Date - You Won't Believe Who It Is

Jimmy Fallon Surprises Alex Rodriguez With 20-Year Old Video Clip Of Him Describing His Dream Date - You Won't Believe Who It Is
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Alex Rodriguez stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, and of course the conversation was about the former Major League Baseball player’s upcoming wedding to Jennifer Lopez. But, things took a surprising turn when Fallon showed Rodriguez a video clip from an interview he did in 1998 that featured Rodriguez describing his dream date.

In Rodriguez’s previous appearance on the show, he described in detail the extreme lengths he went to when he proposed to Lopez, including knowing the exact time the sun would set and rehearsing the night before with his assistant.

During this week’s appearance, Fallon wanted to know how the wedding planning was going. A-Rod revealed that it hasn’t been stressful at all because Lopez takes care of everything and he just says “OK.”

Fallon asked if they were planning a choreographed first dance, but A Rod wasn’t sure about that because his future wife is a professional dancer. However, after a few cocktails he’s “not awful,” so maybe a choreographed dance would work.

Rodriguez also admitted that they hadn’t picked a venue yet, but they wanted to keep things small. Fallon disagreed, and suggested they get married at the Super Bowl after Lopez’s halftime performance with Shakira. Fallon believes everyone would love it because it hadn’t been done before.

Rodriguez wasn’t on board with the idea, but he agreed that it would allow him and Lopez to avoid the dilemma of not inviting people. And, it would probably save him money because the NFL and Fox would chip in for the cost of the wedding.

The most telling part of the interview came when Fallon surprised Rodriguez with a clip of an interview he did in 1998.

A reporter asked A-Rod "What would a dream date with Alex Rodriguez be?" And, without hesitation, A-Rod answered, "Jennifer Lopez, hopefully you could find me a date with her."

Rodriguez’s response to the clip was that it proves “dreams actually do come true in America.”

"But Jimmy, it took me 20 years," said Rodriguez. "And by the way, the swagger with the hat backwards and the gum, you gotta be young to be that cocky and that confident."

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