Jimmy Fallon Is Overwhelmed By Emotion As He Remembers Kobe Bryant - See The Video

Jimmy Fallon Is Overwhelmed By Emotion As He Remembers Kobe Bryant - See The Video
Credit: BET

Jimmy Fallon gets all emotional while speaking about Kobe Bryant . He is overwhelmed and heartbroken, as you will see in the video below.

Jimmy remembers Kobe as a friend and as a parent and hopes that one day, they will meet again. Jimmy also made sure to send his prayers to all the families who were affected by this tragedy, and he told Kobe's wife, Vanessa, that she can rely on his support.

Check out this emotional clip:

Someone commented: 'Still unbelievable. Life is wayyyyy too short. And we know that. We must love on another. Forgive each other and embrace family. Tomorrow isn't promise to us. Such a tragedy.'

A follower told The Shade Room: 'Damn every time I feel a bit better y’all pull out something else,' and someone else posted this: 'This just doesn't seem real. Like AT ALL. I keep waiting to hear "next time on Power..." 😢'

One follower said: 'Kobe was truly touched by many all over the country. I know GOD makes no mistakes but I hate the way they all went. I feel like it was too soon.'

A person posted this: 'Crazy how most of us never knew him but mourn him like he was family. Shows just how influential he was💜' and someone else said: 'Y’all have to stop. I can’t even cry anymore. Kobe didn’t deserve to end like this. I’ll never understand.'

One follower wrote: 'This is the best story shared about Kobe & his relationship with someone so far. We all feel Jimmy’s pain. We lost a true LEGEND. RIP KOBE.'

Another impressed person said the following: 'Hearing all these stories...he is a true example of a genuine MAN....he impacted every person he met seems like. No matter the interaction. Wow.'

Let's keep the families and loved ones of all the people who lost their lives in this terrible accident lifted up in prayer.

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