Jimmy Fallon Announces That The Tonight Show Will Donate $1 Million To Hurricane Harvey Victims

Jimmy Fallon Announces That The Tonight Show Will Donate $1 Million To Hurricane Harvey Victims
Source: TheGazetteReview.com

Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show just became a part of the growing list of celebrities and productions who have donated to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. On Tuesday night's episode, the host announced he would be donating $1 million to the fund set up by Houston Texans star, JJ Watts.

JJ's fund is currently sitting at just over $20 million!

The host - who is usually funny - reflected seriously on the tragedy which struck the south of Texas last week.

Despite the harrowing news, he took time to commemorate those who have donated to the cause as well as made sacrifices for the victims.

When talking to the camera, Jimmy said in the face of tragedy that devastated many, we also saw a lot of good, referring to the charitable donations of many people all across the United States.

The Tonight Show host said it was truly inspiring to see communities of people all over the United States come together despite any partisan differences and donate to the cause.

Because after all, everyone is just human right?

The 42-year-old - who hails from New York City - added he was proud to announce The Tonight Show donated $1 million to JJ's fund."

Shortly after the announcement, we welcomed Victoria White, Marquist Taylor, and their choir to sing the song, "Lean On Me."

As CI readers know, Jimmy and his respective television show are not the only ones to donate to the cause.

Jimmy joined the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Pink, Donald Trump, Kevin Hart, JJ Watts, Sandra Bullock, and others. As Fallon mentioned, it's great to see people stepping up to the plate when others are in need, despite any political or ideological differences.


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