Jim Parsons Reveals Why He Was Ready To Be Done With 'The Big Bang Theory'

Jim Parsons Reveals Why He Was Ready To Be Done With 'The Big Bang Theory'
Credit: Source: CBS

The final season of The Big Bang Theory has been a sad affair for fans, but it was only a matter of time before Jim Parsons decided he was done playing Sheldon Cooper. The series is set to wrap up after Season 12 finishes up this spring, making it the longest running show that features a multi-camera setup in the history of television.

When he finally opened up about his decision to leave such a successful show, Parsons told Entertainment Weekly that he had a gut feeling it was time to call it quits and move on with his career.

"It’s both as complex and as simple as just feeling innately that it was time," he shared. "It speaks to a lot of things, none of them bad. There is no negative reason to stop doing  Big Bang ."

Parsons added that he felt like his character's story had come to an end and that there was nothing left to be told.

That's not to say that the show couldn't have kept going — the ratings are still very high for the series — but Parsons felt like the timing was right to end things as they stand.

Parsons also expressed excitement about where his career will go next and admitted that reaching the end of TBBT was very sad. One of the saddest parts for Parsons was saying goodbye to his co-stars after years of working together.

With the series ending this year, Parsons and his co-stars, Kaley Cuoco and Jonny Galecki, were featured on the January edition of Entertainment Weekly , which hits stands on Jan. 4. Unfortunately, Parsons did not spill any details about what fans can expect to unfold in the series finale of TBBT , but we are pretty confident that it won't disappoint.

Although it will be sad to watch the cast go, at least Jim Parson's reasons for leaving the show are not negative. It also opens up the possibility of a future reunion, especially if everyone is still on good terms with each other.

Fans can watch new episodes of The Big Bang Theory Thursday nights on CBS.


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