Jim Carrey May Face Trial In 2018 For The Death Of Cathriona White

Jim Carrey May Face Trial In 2018 For The Death Of Cathriona White
Source: ETOnline.com

Is Jim Carrey going to court? Sources say the comedian might have to go to trial for the case of the wrongful death of makeup artist Cathriona White who was Jim's girlfriend for three years.

She was found dead in her home in Los Angeles in September of 2015 in what coroners later ruled a suicide by an overdose of painkillers including Ambien, Propranolol, and Percocet.

The mother of Cathriona, Brigit Sweetman, was devastated by the death of her daughter and Carrey was to blame.

In October of 2016, Brigit sued Jim and blamed Cathriona's death on the actor and comedian claiming he gave her the drugs that ended her life.

If that isn't bad enough, Carrey allegedly gave her "three sexually transmitted diseases," without warning her that he had them.

Sweetman claimed he then dumped the 30-year-old to save face; shaming her and calling Cathriona a "whore," before using high-priced lawyers and "fixers" for the purpose of intimidation and ultimately her silence on the matter.

Jim fought back and said the mother of his late girlfriend was simply looking for money.

He countersued; stating she had struck him with "numerous irrelevant, false and improper" allegations in a shameful shakedown for the celebrity's money.

Raymond Boucher, the lawyer for the Ace Ventura star, argued the accusations won't hold up in a court of law, due to them being outside the statute of limitations, as well as claiming the allegations in the wrongful death case are "too vague."

Jim isn't off the hook yet! Court documents revealed Judge Deirdre Hill still hasn't decided on the case.

She will not throw it out as requested by Carrey's attorney and went forward in setting a trial date for April of 2018 and it could last 20 days. The trial will prove to be a difficult one for the actor, according to Boucher, who said Carrey loved his late girlfriend, "so this will be a very painful process."


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