Jim Carrey Can't Resist Bringing Out Ace Ventura To Call Donald Trump A Loser In Saturday Night Live Cold Open

Jim Carrey Can't Resist Bringing Out Ace Ventura To Call Donald Trump A Loser In Saturday Night Live Cold Open
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There are times in life when karmic destiny rules and people are just meant to be in certain places as if the divine set it up all along. Last night's Saturday Night Live cold open was one of those moments for Jim Carrey . Carrey has spent the past four years blasting President Donald Trump and his administration through his artwork, holding him accountable and being an undeniable Democratic voice. Carrey's artwork will live in infamy as a daily journal of sorts of the Trump administration in a way never seen before. It was only fitting that of all the talented actors and comedians who could play Joe Biden that SNL would turn to Carrey. It was destiny that Carrey would portray Biden on the night that he won the Presidential election and would bring Joe Biden's victory to late-night television audiences with Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris and of course,  Alec Baldwin as Trump.

The November 7, 2020, Saturday Night Live cold open is one for the history books as well. While the nation is still in a period of division with many Trump supporters vowing to support the president as he tries to win back the presidency through court and undoubtedly is praying Amy Coney Barrett will somehow hand it back to him on a silver, Supreme-Court platter, the rest of the nation is partying and dancing in the streets and making Miley Cyrus's "Party In The U.S.A. the new national anthem.

Jim Carrey took to the podium and spoke to the nation in full Joe Biden character and once again, showed what a talented actor he is. Carrey, who has been robbed multiple times of Academy-award nominations ( Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , Man on the Moon , The Truman Show , what's wrong with you Academy?) easily transitioned from one character to the next.

In one part of the SNL cold open, Jim Carrey, who was portraying Joe Biden, brought to life his character Ace Ventura who famously said the word "Loser" (with a capital L) multiple times.

You may watch the full SNL Biden Victory cold open below.

Here is a little throwback for Ace Ventura fans who felt transported in time watching Jim Carrey portray Joe Biden in the skit.

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